Pilot Project 1

Pilot Project 1: Surat Safe Habitat  Planning and Design Competition


Surat -a coastal city in Gujarat, is on the bank of perennial river Tapi and at the estuary created due to the convergence of Tapi and Arabian sea.   Surat has  major threats  from climate change impacts including floods, cyclone, storms surge and sea-level  rise. The city has a long history of floods. During the 2006 flood, around 75-80% of the city was inundated. This  resulted in an estimated economic losses of around $ 4.5Billion. The repercussions of 2006 event has generated need for flood resistant building designs, effective building rules to safeguard the investment/development and prevent flood hazard from turning into a large scale disaster. 

Surat Initiative

City Advisory Committee which was established under the ACCCRN program, initiated the discussion to conduct a competition for flood designing flood resistant buildings. This discussion was taken further evolved into Surat Safe Habitat (SSH) a national level design and planning competition to take the discussion to broader, practical yet innovative ideas to cope up with intrigue parameters pertaining to climatic change- particularly flood hazard risk. The competition was launched under two different themes:  

Surat Safe habitat:  National level Design and Planning Competition

Theme I: Planning & Design of cluster housing for low income group in area prone to frequent flooding. (Single stage architectural competition for professionals / group of professionals & students)

Theme II: Spatial area planning of low lying area with high flood risk. (Two stage planning competition only for qualified professionals) 

Theme –I: Planning & design of low income group cluster housing in areas prone to frequent flooding (Theme I is a single stage open competition for professionals as well as final year students.)  Competition site was located near an industrial area of GIDC Pandesara, new Town Planning Scheme No. 72 (Bamroli). The site is a low lying land and is located  adjacent to a major creek connecting  to Mindhola river which merges with the Arabian Sea. This area is frequently affected by Khadi (creek) floods.

Design Features :

·         Hierarchical setup of zones

·         Residential spaces interspersed with open spaces around agricultural belt along with bio  swales as natural rechargers

·         Interconnecting bridges

·         Passive ventilation, solar shading 

Evacuation route:

·         Multi level connections linking  all the cluster to safety

Future expansion:

·         Flexibility of multi directional expansion

·         Modular growth following the same vocabulary

·         Solid and voids within and around adhering to the basic concept

Theme I winner: 

Second Prize:  Mr.Deepak Sohane, Mumbai 

Third Prize:  I-con Architects, Surat 

Special mention Prize:  Ms. Hemani Kapadia and Mr. Mitul Desai, Surat


Theme – II : Spatial area planning of low lying area with high flood risk (Theme II was a two phase competition held for qualified professionals. There were two stages of submissions. First stage was of concept development stage where one has to submit their concept and design brief. The short listed candidates from Phase I were selected to provide a detail design of their concept.

The area selected for this theme was also a low lying area but was situated on the western part of the city. This area is under Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA). The location consist of a freight railway line, network of high tension lines, a major arterial road and Tena creek which gets flooded during monsoon. 

Competition Launching  Date for both themes I &II was 10th April 2010,     Theme I:Evaluation  of Final Stage18th August, 2010  Theme II:Evaluation  of Final Stage22nd Oct, 2010 Award  Ceremony: 27th November 2010   Photographs

Planning  Concept (Integrated Design)

·         Performing Green Infrastructure

·         Productive Landscape, the Ecological Parameter

·         Water Management Strategy

·         Khadi Edge Performance

·         Built Relations

·         Hazard Edge Interfaces

·         Establishing an equitable model for development


Theme II winner:

Winner : Integrated Design, Bangalore

Special Mentioned for Technology:  Space Application Centre, (ISRO), Ahmedabad.

Special mentioned for Innovative Ideas:  Interland Urban Planning and design Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

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