Pilot Project 2

Pilot Project 2: Urban Service Monitoring System (UrSMS)


Surat is one of the fastest growing cities in India. With the increase in the municipal jurisdiction area and development/improvement of the local/ regional economy base, more people are attracted to the city, which also claims as “zero unemployment city”.  The population increase for the decade of 19912001 for the city has been recorded as more than 60%.  

·         Increase in demand on efficient urban infrastructure and services  

·         Needs of improving the monitoring and the complaint system 

·         Requirement of adopting the Urban Service  Level Benchmarking( SLB) on  basic services for evaluating the performance of infrastructure projects funded under various  National programmes

SMC’s  initiatives:

1.   Introduction of m - Governance Concept

2. Target to introduce  a mobile and internet based monitoring and complaints system, with following objectives.

·         to reduce  paperwork and increase efficiency of the services.

·         to increase  capacity of SMC in  monitoring  and management of ur  ban services in near real time.

·         to provide better services to people.

·         to enhance capacity in developing strategies and build resilience to current and future risks


Current System:

·         The current monitoring system is mainly based on surveys carried out manually.

·         The information collected within these surveys are based on paper based questionnaires/format. This process of information collection, storage and analysis is cumbersome and time consuming.

·         The current system hinders the possibility of near real-time decision making due to bottlenecks within collection, data entry, validation, and information dissemination.

SMC has initiated the complaints registration by introducing phone based and Internet based complaints systems. However, the system can be further improved significantly by introducing structured mobile based system which uses SMS. This process can reduce the extra human resources required for data entry and quality check of redressal process which could be utilized for monitoring the performance of the system.

ACCCRN Intervention:

As a part of ACCCRN Initiatives, TARU conceptualized & proposed to aid in establishing a Short Message Service (SMS) enabled “Urban Services Monitoring System” – UrSMS.

The main objective of the  UrSMS  is to elevate the existing complaint  & monitoring system to a much advanced as well as involving people participation.

The main feature of the  system is designed 

·         To enable SMC officials to view the map, data and relevant statistics on near real time basis.  

·         To enable decision makers to evaluate the performance and bottlenecks at various levels to take timely action.

The UrSMS has two components 

·         Services Monitoring System and 

·         Complaint System

System Description:  The Urban Services Monitoring System (UrSMS) is designed on an efficient platform. The system has two main interfaces:

1)   The mobile interface for sending and receiving structured data via SMS

2)   PC interface with Internet Mapping Service for visualizing the information as charts, reports and maps.

System components:

·         Water supply complaint system

·         Solid waste complaints

·         Door to Door – Solid waste collection,

·         Dead animal carcass,

·         Waste Container Lifting,

·         Drainage & Sewerage complaints

·         Health Department reporting system: Hospital/ Health centre to SMC

Ways forward: 

This pilot project aims towards improving the monitoring and grievance redressal system of Municipal services, which can also be used as an emergency two way monitoring system during flood emergencies like floods.

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