AWS Project

This is the Wireless GSM / GPRS enable automatic weather station is useful for collection of weather data as well as transmission to internet and making real-time information available at your finger tips without binding you in distances. This is a lowest energy consumption system, helps it run for days without charging. 

Automatic Weather station  at Science Center

Parameters Includes:

1.Temperature(Range- 40 to 123.8 ° C)
2.Relative  Humidity(Range 0 to 100% )
3.Wind speed(Range 0 - 250 K mph )
4.Wind Direction(Range 0 to 359 ° )

5.Rainfall(Range -100mm / hour )
SMS alert
At particular level SMS alert you from the system on real time as below
• Rain Fall above on 50 mm in 15 minutes
• Alert on 10 meter level at causeway
• 45 degree temprature

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